iDrop: Next Gen Data Transfer Between Your Mobile Devices!

The days when we transfer data to our devices through tedious and sometimes non-working bluetooth connections may soon be over. That has long been the most preferred way to transfer applications, software or data, but there are other innovative ways soon to be introduced on the market. At the least that’s what many people are hoping for. My own experience with bluetooth on the Apple mobile gadgets (like the iPad and iPhone) is that it’s just not reliable enough to use as primary transfer connection. Not that it will stop working when it does, but that it sometimes doesn’t work at all.

A few brilliant minds have come up with another faster solution that might be the next generation in data transfer, and it’s quite genius. In medical vocabulary there is something called an eyedropper. It’s pretty much self explanatory, and so is the new iDrop for mobile devices that Heo Jaeyoung, Jin Hoyoung & Jung Han-Bi have come up with.

It works the same way as a standard eyedropper. You just put it over the file/app you want to transfer and click the rubber button on top of the dropper. The file will then get “sucked” into the dropper. With an LED screen, you will know exactly what’s on the dropper. Just pick the mobile device that you want to transfer the file/app to and click the rubber button again. The app/file will get “dropped” onto the gadget, and the transfer is complete. It doesn’t get easier than that. It’s really a stylus with the capability to transfer files. Genius, brilliant and useful!