If The iPhone Were A Lamp, This Is What You’d Get

There’s just no limit to how many things the iPhone and its touch screen and finger gestures have inspired in new and exciting products. They spring up everywhere, and they are cooler and more elaborate than anything you have seen before. The types of incorporations never stop astounding me, and they always tend to push the envelope further and further. These ideas bring old, boring and lifeless designs to new and exciting heights.

This time around it’s a matter of light. Our lamps are obsolete to this quite ingenious design by designer Hong-kue Lee called the “As Much As You Need” lamp. It gives you the ability to adjust how many LED lights should be lit with the pinch gesture. It’s easy and it’s cool and it gives you just as much light as you want and need. It’s both environmentally friendly, and it helps lower your electric bill by quite a bit if you’re always adjusting it to your needs.

If I could install this type of lamp all around my house, I would certainly do so cause they would look flippin sweet and anything that saves money is probably good, right? So, we’ll have to see if this concept design gets the approval from one of the major manufacturers anytime soon. If it does, I will be purchasing a ton of them. The first place I’d put it is my desk of course. It would be even cooler if you could custom make them into shelf lamps where you could just slide your hand over the surface of the shelf and the light would adjust accordingly. The future is here… Embrace it!