If Vader Had A Laptop, He Might Use This Bag

Nowadays everyone seems to be carrying their laptops with them wherever they go. I remember the days when people waited until they got to their offices or their homes to have access to their computers. I guess with wifi and laptops being more affordable now, everyone can take one along anytime, anywhere. However, the problem is, we do not only carry our laptops. There are so many gadgets that we also bring along with us including our cameras, our eReaders and our computer accessories.

I myself carry two bags all the time, my traditional bag and my computer case. Thank goodness for those that have an iPad and an iPhone since they do not need to carry so much. For those of us who do not have an iPad, we have to make sure that we have a sturdy laptop case with lots of compartments. There is a laptop case available now called the Kata Panorama U Laptop Bag that sells for $59.99. It’s perfect for the geek and photo nerds out there.

According to Think Geek – This laptop bag looks like it was Standard Empire Issue – It’s shiny black with armored ridges across the side. It’s big enough to hold everything you need – a 15 inch laptop, power supply, digital camera, accessories, pens, papers, kindle… whatever you need to get by when traveling somewhere picturesque.


  • Material
    • Elasto-Guard soft stretchy outer layer with water resistant foam core padding
    • Brushed nylon “Yelloop” material on the interior
    • Flexi-Shield: High frequency molded flexible reinforcement ridges on the exterior of the safe-guard zones for extra protection