iFlash: Adds An LED Flash To Your Old iPhone

Believe it or not, I am still messing around with my old iPhone. I have yet to get my butt out of yesterday’s technology and claim the new. What has always bothered me is that when the first iPhone came out, pretty much every other cell phone had their own flash incorporated. Why Apple chose not to include it on their first generation of the iPhone, I have never understood. Maybe it was because of lack of space inside the phone, but I am sure they could have spent a couple more weeks figuring that one out. They are able to do it now, so why not before? Oh well, those are things that we will never fully understand.

However, there is no reason why you should walk around feeling left out of the flashing iPhone 4’ers that keep taking those high def pictures in the middle of the night. For just $39.95 you can get your old iPhone a very deserving upgrade in the form of an LED flash called iFlash (Duh!). It gets attached to the bottom of your iPhone, and you’re all set to go.

It’s made available by Gadgets and Gear, and by the look of it, it’s about to become a huge success. I don’t know the percentage of people that are still using the 3G iPhones, but I can imagine a few since the iPhone 4 had some major issues in the beginning, and people kept themselves strapped from buying it. I don’t know if I will invest in one of these myself, but it would surely be fun to see if it actually enhances the photo taking at night. I am sure it will. Nifty!