IKEA Facebook Showroom

Creating awareness is one thing but engaging people is another.  Brands are getting more involved with making sure that they also speak with their consumers, not just create ads.  One good example is the IKEA Facebook Application.  The strategy here is quiet simple yet powerful. What better place to engage consumers? Do it where they are already involved and are a captive audience. FaceBook.

What they did was to create a profile page for Gordon Gustavsson, the Store Manager.  Then they uploaded 12 pictures of the showrooms then invited the people to tag the pictures with their names.  The person who tags an item first wins the furniture.  Very cool.  So many participated and the demand for more items grew.  Ikea’s brand was seen all over facebook, via links, newsfeed and people just sharing.

The promotion worked, because the idea was simply brilliant.  It was a win – win situation for both consumers and the brand.

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