Awesome Portable Drum Kit Created From IKEA Bowls

We love checking out builds, customizations and innovations here at Bit Rebels, and we are continuously trying to find stuff we haven’t seen before. As you know, we try to keep things on the edge, and that’s why we think it is so awesome that you guys keep sending us so many cool things. One area that I would like to venture into more and try to find more awesomeness within are the many uses of the stuff IKEA keeps busting out. So what do I mean by that? Well, people have started to take regular IKEA products and create other things from them. This “new” endeavor has come to be called IKEA hacking, and it is starting to become quite a trend.

I get extra inspired by people who create badass stuff from everyday ordinary things. One of those people is Ian Cole, a possible candidate for the Badass Dad of The Year award if such an award existed. Ian put together a portable drum pad kit for his son out of a few JAMKA bowls acquired from the ever contributing furniture store, IKEA.

With the help of a few everyday items and an iPad, he managed to create a really cool sounding drum kit that I know all the kids aspiring to be a drummer would kill to get their hands on. Well, it’s not too late to follow in Ian’s footsteps since he put the whole tutorial for the build up on his website for anyone to follow. Now that is an awesome gift for your kid, and it is probably cheap as well, excluding the iPad that is. So what are you waiting for? That thing isn’t going to build itself you know.

IKEA JAMKA Bowl Drume Set

Via: [IKEA Hackers]