Importing Contacts To Outlook & Working With The Program

The majority of computer users keep their email correspondence using the capabilities of websites providing email services. Thus, opening a website in a browser and entering your credentials, one receives access to read or write emails. One of the most popular sites providing postal services of this kind is Thunderbird, whose number of users is just impressive.

Although this email client is easy to use, you may one day face the need of switching to another program. Thus, transferring your contact list is necessary. What is more, both inbox and outbox emails are to be downloaded to the program so that you have the opportunity to look at the history of correspondence at any time. So the question of how to export email addresses from Thunderbird to Outlook is still acute for many. You can use the service online for this purpose. All you need to do is to decide on the license type, pay a fixed price, and proceed to convert any amount of info – everything is easy, safe, and fast.

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How To Work With Email Address Book In Outlook

The address book with emails can be used for searching for contacts, email addresses, distribution lists, and groups. There are a lot of search options aimed to make your making use of the program the maximum easy.

1. Microsoft Outlook Address Book

In addition to using the book, one can search for names and other info, such as office locations or phone numbers, by simply typing the name in the section “Find a contact” placed on the toolbar.

2. Global List

The global address list covers all the names and working emails of the organization employees. Maintained by the administrator of the Microsoft Exchange server; this feature is required to work. You can also find global mailing and group lists of public folders there. What is more, you can also download the global address list and use it when being offline.

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3. Address Book & Contact Lists In Outlook

The Address Book of Outlook is generated automatically; it contains the elements of the Contacts folder. It is possible to get access to the data by searching for them in the Address Book dialog box. You just need to pick the “Contacts” value in the list “Address Source.” We advise you to convert the personal address book of yours to the format recognizable by Microsoft Outlook since the latter provides greater flexibility and customization capabilities.

4. Personal Address Book

Personal address books can no longer be handled in Microsoft Outlook. As a general rule, this list is created and maintained by the user, with all elements of the address book being stored in a file and then copied to disk.

5. Internet Directory Services

Internet directory services are used to search for email addresses being not in the local address book but in an organization directory. A simplified protocol that opens Internet directories is not part of an organization’s network; the web connection is a prerequisite to view it.

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