Terminator Eyes: Augmented Reality In Contact Lenses

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest technology news over the past few days, you might have read a story about these contact lenses which can pick up a smartphone signal and stream the text through the lens placed on our eyes. This basically means the days when we can send tweets and update our Facebook status without having access to a computer might be closer than we think.

I remember watching Terminator for the first time and thinking his eyes were so cool, but I never thought we would be able to do that in real life. This is why I love technology so much, it blurs the lines between reality and science fiction, and now it can apparently do it right before our eyes, literally.

This is the most fabulous example of augmented reality I’ve heard of yet, and its uses are unlimited. Think about playing a video game through your contact lens, or even just reading your daily emails. According to researchers at Washington University, even holographic images might be possible in the future. It sounds like these contact lenses would have to be charged, right? I wonder if this means people would charge their contact lenses at night like they charge their iPhones.

If you would like to read the geeky details about how it all works, you can click on any one of the source websites I’ve listed below. I wonder if these would come as colored contacts too. I mean, if they came in the color blue, that would be even better. #justsayin

Augmented Reality In Contact Lens

Augmented Reality Contact Lens

Augmented Reality Contact Lens

Augmented Reality Contact Lens

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