The Influence Of AI On The Gambling Sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest trends around right now. Many experts believe AI could be set to have a transformative impact on the gambling sector in the coming years. But what kind of influence is AI going to have on the way online casinos operate in the future?

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Eliminating Cheating

For online casino operators, getting rid of the cheaters is a top priority right now. While cheating might be tougher at an online casino than at a bricks and mortar site, it is still an issue a lot of companies are grappling with at the moment.

In some cases, people have been able to develop machines that can be used to cheat online slots. However, online casinos are likely to use their own AI systems in order to identify bots. Casino companies need to protect their house edge, so cheating will not be accepted.

Improving Customer Support Options

Many gambling companies already use AI in some form to manage customer service. But the use of AI in this area of online casinos is expected to rocket in the coming years. Indeed, some experts believe that as many as 85 percent of customer support interactions in the future could be handled by AI.

Live chat seems to be an obvious area where AI could be utilized, helping to see if users can be pointed in the right direction to information that is already available to read elsewhere on the site, such as in an FAQ.

Oracle has found that almost four-fifths (78 percent) of companies are already using AI in their customer service. This percentage is likely to climb in the near future but online gambling firms will need to make sure the AI works well before implementing it to avoid frustration from users.

Identifying Problem Gamblers

One of the ways AI is likely to have a major impact on the gambling sector is through being used to identify users who could be problem gamblers. Most online casinos already take this department seriously, though there have been some very high-profile examples of companies that have fallen short.

Operator Caesars Entertainment was recently fined a whopping £13 million by the Gambling Commission in the UK. The punishment that was given to Caesars was partly due to a series of failings in identifying problem gamblers.

AI can help here by identifying any concerning trends in the gambling patterns by certain high-risk users. Once this has happened, help and support can be offered to individuals.

Creating Targeted Offers And Promotions

Most online casino operators have a standardized set of offers and promotions. However, the rise of AI in the sector could mean that this changes in the future. AI can help to identify users who might want to take advantage of a certain type of promotion.

Things such as wagering requirements can sometimes put people off from using these offers. While trusted online casinos will have favorable bonus requirements that aren’t impossible to fulfil, using AI might be a good way to tweak these offers to make them even more appealing.

AI analyzes customer behavior, so the information collected by artificial intelligence has a number of different uses for the gambling sector. As an example, data analysis using AI can identify why people are drawn to certain types of online casino games, as well as offers.

VR To Revamp Live Casino Games

AI and virtual reality (VR) are very closely linked, with the latter set to be brought in by a lot of online casinos in the next few years. Using a VR headset could make the online casino experience more realistic for users than ever before. In a live casino setting, it is easy to see how VR could be quite revolutionary.

Players would be able to interact with fellow users, as well as the live casino dealer who is in charge of proceedings at the table. For a game such as poker where reading the intentions of fellow players is a huge part of the action, VR could make all the difference and result in a big popularity boost for these sites.

With bricks and mortar casinos seeing their futures plunged into doubt due to the coronavirus crisis, operators are likely to be looking into ways to make their online sites more realistic. Using VR to bring their live casinos to life seems an obvious way to try to do this.

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