Innovative Finger Barcode Scanner Cuts Down Grocery Line Waiting Time

I view myself as a fairly patient person, but every once in a while the grocery store line is taking just a tad bit too long. The “blip” sound as they scan the products is a reassuring reminder that something is going on, but it is when things are completely quiet that one can start to see people getting annoyed. There are plenty of innovators that are currently trying to solve this problem, and one of them is Seokmin Kang, who recently unveiled the finger barcode scanner.

There have been a lot of devices which have confined some of the fingers on one’s hands, but this one might be the one that is the most impressive. Approaching scanning of products this way does not only help reduce the time we all have to stand in line and wait, but it also helps reduce some of the monotonous work that the cashier consistently has to perform. The finger barcode scanner is one of those actual optimization tools if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, this device is not yet realized, and it is a darn shame if you ask me. Someone should jump on this, fund it and make sure that all grocery stores switch those bulky “blip” machines out for a little beautiful gadget like the finger barcode scanner.

So why is it beneficial? Think about it, the cashier will never have to turn, pivot or rotate a product in the same way as he or she has to do right now. Instead, the finger barcode scanner can just be dragged across the barcode and voila! Imagine the speed increase it would mean using one of these devices. We’d all be home early enough to see ourselves leave from work. Now that is something that I think everyone would appreciate.

If we take a look at the display on the top of the device, it will display the price of the product which makes it even more optimized. No longer will the cashier need to turn around to check the actual price on the screen above the cash register. Instead, the price of the product and the total is clearly visible on the top of the device. Hopefully this device will come to be realized and implemented before long.  As those grocery shop lines are getting longer by the day.

Seokmin Kang’s Innovative Finger Barcode Scanner

Innovative Finger Barcode Scanner

Innovative Finger Barcode Scanner

Innovative Finger Barcode Scanner


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    How can get it? please send me details information about this product & also price by using my Email Address.

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    Human Rights 8 years

    I am sorry but I have to say that is terrible. Just take away jobs from the people who already get paid like crap from the corporate giants making millions. Go to work for the corporations for free. Don’t wait on a slow human (working their butt off to go fast for a company who won’t hire enough help as it is) with kids at home just trying to put on the table. Send them away, screw the hungry kids, do their work for free. See the problem here? It is the mindset that is the problem in this world. People don’t want to wait on a person that could be their neighbor struggling to get by, they would rather do self-checkout. How many jobs do you think that self-checkout took away? How many jobs do you think that this little device would take away? Screw the mom and pop shops who actually care about you and your community, lets go to Wal-Mart or China because there cheaper. This is the freaking problem. Wake up people!

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    Shawn 6 years

    I would like information and pricing for the finger scanner