Insane Jet Bike Does Over 50 MPH With Flaming Exhaust Pipes

The crazy creations people come up with are both awesome and sometimes on the edge of insane. This one is one of those creations, and it once again comes from the mad man that treated us to the fastest baby stroller ever created. This time, UK resident Colin Furze has something else up his sleeve. He and his friends put together one of the illest jet bike contraptions ever. The jet bike actually exceeds speeds of 50 MPH at times, and if you think riding it would be scary, watch the video.

Colin has become known on the Internet for pushing the limits of the stuff he decides to put an engine on. Usually it results in vehicles that border on the mental, and it certainly doesn’t help that he rides these creations without any kind of protective gear. Roaring through the streets with nothing on except a pair of jeans and a shirt is definitely not the safest of endeavors.

But I have to give it to the guy. This jet bike is about the coolest thing I have seen on two wheels in a long time, at least when it comes to hobby building creations. The question is, how long will he be able to ride this bike before disaster strikes? The video shows a jet bike that is less than stable, and that is just the beginning of it. When they eventually get it going, it seems to be quite a fun ride. But it’s when things get a little bit too over excited that the flames start pushing things south.

Now let me ask, would you sit on a jet bike that pushes out 10 foot flames 2 feet away from your royal behind? My answer to that question is a definite no. However, I have to say that the bike itself would be kind of a fun ride to try out if the flames weren’t so unpredictable. Then again, what is usually dangerous is usually also the most fun. Maybe it has something to do with the adrenaline. There’s no doubt this jet bike is a worthy feature here at Bit Rebels! Flames!!!

Colin Furze’s Insane & Flaming Jet Bike