Insanely Fast And Liquid Cooled PC Is…Small!

We are all used to computers that have fans to cool the processor and the interior components. Über fast computers are usually turbo-ed up gamer computers with enough gear in them to pay for a sports car. In the most extreme cases, we see liquid nitrogen cooling experiments to overclock a computer to the point where polygons no longer count. These experiments are mostly funded by over-the-top geeks who are sponsored by major corporations.

However, don’t be fooled. There is now a company that has taken liquid cooling to an entirely new level. We’re no longer interested in large, tower-like hubs of a computer with a vast tank of liquid nitrogen to keep it in shape. We’re all looking to get smaller (in some areas).

Asetek has started researching the field and they have come up with a rather interesting and genius prototype that will just blow you away. And this time, it’s no longer a mammoth of a computer. It is actually really small. It’s so small that it will fit inside a single screen, somewhat like an iMac. So prepare yourself for a new revolution. This one is all about speed AND size.