Custom Water-Cooled 72,000 Lumen LED Flashlight

What does one do to kill boredom on a rainy day? Build an led flashlight capable of flooding a stadium with light, of course. Well, at least that’s how Samm Sheperd likes to spend his weekends. This massive flashlight emanates 72,000 lumens of light and things get so heated up at this intensity that the flashlight needs a water-based cooling system of its own. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Samm demonstrates how easy it is (for him) to create this gigantic flashlight from dirt cheap components.

All you need are 8 led chips connected in parallel, a water reservoir, some pipes, a heat exchanger, and incredible assembling skills, to have an insane amount of light at your disposal. Lots of super glue, screws, and aluminum strips are required for creating the frame and securing all the components to it. Next, make use of your plumbing expertise and a centrifugal motor based pump to allow a steady flow of water to the aluminum frame that the lights are attached to. This heated water will then travel through the pipes to the heat exchanger and the cycle will continue so that you don’t burn your fingers while operating the flashlight. Use a powerful battery to drive the LEDs and voila, your water cooled led flashlight is ready! That wasn’t so hard, or was it?

Let’s be honest, most of the fun of creating stuff is in flaunting it to your friends. This water cooled led flashlight makes for some awesome demonstrations. Compare it to your run of the mill 500-lumen flashlights that you can buy at a dollar store and you are in for a treat. The 500-lumen flashlight compares to this behemoth just like a firefly compares to the sun. Amaze your friends with the blinding light of this flashlight, which is basically as potent as a floodlight. Samm also shows how this nifty invention compares to the headlights of a car, and you guessed it right, there is no competition at all!

This wonderful flashlight can light up a building or a park at night with extreme ease. However, Samm goes one step ahead and adds a few more LEDs to produce 100,000 lumens of light. Now, this led flashlight can capture super clear pictures of waterfalls at night from a distance of 400 feet! If you can mass produce these lights in your house using the same inexpensive components that Samm recommends, you can start a lucrative lighting empire of your own. This water cooled led flashlight may sound simplistic but businesses will chase you down to brighten up their premises at night. Museums, palaces, and fountains will fight to glow in your light.

You can either be an engineer like Samm and can build this fascinating led flashlight, or you can mess up the cooling system and can end up with painful burns. You have been warned not to try this at home unless you are a pro at electronics and mechanics. Also, please make sure to distribute sunglasses among the onlookers when you head out to experiment with your very own water cooled led flashlight. – Find more awesome flashlights here.

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