Inspiring Rainbows Created From A Rainbow Machine!

This is such an exciting time to be alive in the world! There are so many designs, inventions and gadgets coming out daily that use the latest technology to inspire and motivate us to be even more creative in our own thinking when it comes to what is possible. Up until now, I thought that only nature could create a colorful rainbow. Well, like with many things in the world today, a person has figured out a way to do it, and it’s spectacular!

This article makes me so happy. I love rainbows! Every time I see a rainbow, which isn’t that often, I have to stop what I’m doing to appreciate it. When I looked back, I realized that we’ve written so many articles on Bit Rebels about rainbows! A few of my favorites include How To Grow A Rainbow Colored Rose, A Rainbow Colored Neighborhood, A Rainbow Colored Tree That Grows In Nature, Rainbow Colored Cocktail Shots, A Rainbow Colored Pixel Wall and A Rainbow Colored Life.

I’m very excited to add another rainbow article to the mix, and this one makes me smile so much! Michael Jones McKean created a solar-powered machine that makes rainbows out of natural materials. He’s been practicing his technique for several years, and from the looks of it, he’s figured it out. For this “Rainbow Project” he uses recycled rainwater, an intricate irrigation system and, of course, the power of the sun. On his website he describes the 80 foot wide/30 foot tall rainbow over his studio building (4th picture below) by saying, “It’s made using sunlight and water supplied by a series of pumps, hoses and nozzles. The rainbow used 80 gallons of water recaptured and continuously re-circulated by way of the building’s water/gutter system.”

[via Inhabitat]