Share Your Life in Pictures!

I am so happy now that my iPhone has been restored. The part I love best about it is the camera. It’s a very easy way we can take pictures and edit them on the fly as we wish. It also enables us to share them instantly. There are so many apps available in the app store, both free and paid, that we can easily download to help us with this.

I discovered an iPhone app called from @aaroni268. While going over my homepage on FaceBook, I noticed there was a picture he shared that was really cool. At first I thought he took the picture on a lomo camera. I checked out the link and it was via a free iPhone app.

The best feature of this app is your ability to add beautiful filters on the pictures you take. All you need to do is download the app, register and then take as many pictures as you want and upload them all for free. It also allows you to be friends with people who are using the application. You can “like” and comment on the pictures that your friends share as well. You can even share the photos on FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. You can check in via their Foursquare account if they post a photo with a location on it.

I included a snap shot of the interface. Also, the main image above is a photo I took today of Caramel, one of our baby kittens. The photo is crisp and the colors are really vibrant. I hope you have fun with this app!