Intelligent Cup: Tells You When The Coffee Is Perfect For You!

Right now I am having a cup of hot tea. Yes, I decided to make it a habit to write a few articles in the mornings during my tea break that I pretty much have had since I was… oh very young. It’s one of those times during the day when nothing will poke on your attention, and you are just in your little own space to reflect over the upcoming day’s to-do list and what kind of time management you will have to commit to in order to finish it all up. During that time, it seems I always forget how hot my tea is. Yeah, I am sure you’ve been there as well with your coffee. You carelessly take a speedy zip and horribly finds out that it’s still boiling hot. It’s not a pleasant feeling at all.

There is a solution for that (like there is for everything nowadays it seems). Designer Ruan Chengzhu decided enough is enough and set out on a quest to get rid of this needless event happening while you’re enjoying your morning. He created the ultimate beverage cup with a temperature gauge on it that will tell you exactly when the coffee or tea (or whatever hot beverages you might drink in the morning) is the perfect temperature for you.

Just pour your coffee in there, and put it on the table beside you. Continue doing what you do best whether it is putting butter on a sandwich, browsing the news, or if you’re like me, writing a morning article for your blog. Glance over at the cup every now and then, and you will soon find that exact mark where the coffee is the right temperature for you. See, some things aren’t more complicated than the easiest solution. If I am not incorrect, I think there are a few of these out there already, but this one deserves some focus cause of it’s nice design and execution. I surely wouldn’t mind having one. The world is full of solutions, we just have to find them.