What Are Intelligent Interfaces And Why Use Them?

Wikipedia defines intelligent interface as an interaction between a human and a machine that implicates artificial intelligence technologies. IGI Global dictionary states that intelligent interface is a communication between a human and a computer that mimics natural language. It can also predict what people want to do, analyze this information, and use it according.

In the profound Deloitte article, the intelligent interface is shown as a combination of human-centered design and advanced technologies that changes the way people interact with computers, information, and each other.

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Examples Of Intelligent Interfaces

To clearly understand,  what intelligent interface is let’s imagine that you are shopping online. With the help of special AI-fueled techniques, the retailer can identify your shopping behavior. Based on the received data, he can send you personalized notifications that could motivate you to make a purchase faster. Real-time data captured from buyer’s phone, for example, – comparison of prices on a certain product online, – can help retailers send well-conceived offerings to their customers.

Intelligent interfaces can also be powered with voice technologies. For example, warehouses and customer services may use special wearables that are powered with voice and can communicate with computers and people without the need to hold printed or phone instructions. The same, many companies use voice-enabled training programs for their employees. The use of such techniques enhances training efficiency and reduces time spent on gaining new knowledge.

Which Technologies Are Used To Implement Intelligent Interfaces?

Intelligent interfaces can be used in almost every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing. Their implementation is possible thanks to the emergence and evolution of such technologies as artificial intelligence, digital reality, robotics, Internet of Things, cloud computing.

Special headsets, for example, may process gestures and voice commands and send data back to the system. Employees performance, for example, may be tracked in real time in business intelligence dashboards. Motion sensors monitor machine vibrations to control performance. There are lots of other examples which describe how humans can easily interact with machines and how company systems can get valuable insights from this interaction.

Why Use Intelligent Interface In Business?

You might be interested in why use interfaces powered with new technologies for your business. In this section, you will learn how these techniques can be used for B2C and B2B sectors. Below are the most frequent ways to use intelligent interfaces:

Monitoring Customers Behavior Offline

You surely know that social media and search engines can easily track users behavior. However, not everyone knows that your phone may be seamlessly used to track your offline behavior like visiting a certain public place or spending time shopping. These places can track your movements and visits to offer you more personalized purchases or discounts for your next visits. Intelligent systems are able to learn about us such information as our experience, habits, tastes, etc.

Designing Personalized Offerings

Exploring buying personal in more detail helps companies develop more personalized offerings and services. For example, sensors that catch emotions people feel when having stress allow healthcare providers use this information to create a stress managing app.

Improving Productivity

Today, the manufacturing industry investigates the capabilities of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technologies to use them in order to increase productivity. For example. some companies use augmented reality to monitor the behavior of their employees to facilitate effective workload. Such ways of work progress monitoring can cause discomfort among workers, however, most of them get quickly used to such practices.

If you are interested in investing in intelligent interface development, you should consider the following things:

  1. Budget – Microphones, sensors, headsets, and other hardware – these things are required to buy if you wish to start using intelligent interfaces for your business. Depending on the type of business you operate run, you will need different levels of investments. Thus, it’s important to consider all the costs beforehand.
  2. Skills – You will definitely need human-centered design skills that you can acquire from a professional software development company. However, you should make sure that your intelligent interface developers possess certain expertise in your focus domain. For example, if you want to create a healthcare app, you should find developers with extensive experience in creating apps for healthcare.
  3. Privacy – As you already know, intelligent systems use personal data to track a lot of things. Be sure your company and app adhere to regulations on privacy data use. You should understand that any personal information should be respected and processed lawfully.

Intelligent interfaces have become a new IT trend that can bring you a competitive advantage over the companies similar to yours. They provide us an opportunity to completely reinvent the way we communicate with computers and technology. It will definitely help many companies transform their operational processes and make use of every single interaction between a human and a machine.

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