Intelligent Solar Roadways No Longer A Science Fiction Idea

Traffic safety has long been pinned to the cars that we drive and not really the roads that we use to take us places. We have seen cars go from tin cans to technological masterpieces and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. But is it really the amount of safety features we put in our cars that determines how safe we are on the roads? According to Scott and Julie Brusaw it’s a combination and their intelligent solar roadways invention is going to change all that.

We have written a great deal of articles about car safety in the past and it usually boils down to some kind of new innovative feature buried deep inside the computer central of future cars. The intelligent solar roadways that Scott and Julie have developed is a whole different story.

Imagine driving on a road that never gets icy, never goes dark, can alert you of obstacles ahead, is completely driven by solar power and can of course change its appearance in a second. That is exactly what the intelligent solar roadways are all about. When I first saw this video I didn’t think you could implement this many features into a road without running the risk of electronic failure and without annoying weight limitations. Somehow, Scott and Julie has been able to solve all that after dedicated and advanced research and development.

These intelligent solar roadways currently comes in hexagons and is constructed out of several layers of technology which is shielded by a thick layer of tempered glass. [pullquote]This intelligent solar roadway’s tempered glass can support weights up to 250,000 pounds.[/pullquote] What makes these hexagons the technology of he future is not only because they will make our roads more interactive and safe but also because of their ability to melt ice and snow and could potentially cut greenhouse gasses with as much as 75%.

The Brusaw couple is currently looking for funding in order to produce the tools and manufacturing facilities to take their idea into its next stage. They are currently running a crowd funder over at IndieGoGo and with 17 days to go they have already managed to raise a little over $162,000 of their $1 million funding goal. Cars of the future could benefit a lot from the interaction that could be generated from these intelligent solar roadways. The features that could be implemented into these hexagons are virtually limitless and it’s going to be interesting to see if these can be implemented in a large scale into our ever more active roads around the world.

Intelligent Solar Roadways – The Road Safety Of The Future

Intelligent Solar Roadways Concept

Intelligent Solar Roadways Concept

Intelligent Solar Roadways Concept