Future Touchscreens And How They Will Work [Video]

The touchscreen has somewhat become the signature for a whole generation. There are very few devices or gadgets that don’t sport a touchscreen these days. In the future, there are going to be more solutions that none of us can really foresee or understand right now. The future touchscreen will have even more influence on our lives, and it will be incorporated in places that we previously didn’t think were possible.

At Intel, they are innovating the future right now, and it’s a future that looks more or less like a science fiction movie. Imagine walls, floors and even ceilings with a touchscreen interface. There will be a constant stream of information and an endless number of helpful tools to help us in our every day struggle to optimize our time and living. Future touchscreen technologies will have a superior user interface, and they will have a surface that looks and feels very much like any surface you can imagine. It will be the era of the chameleon, and we will use it to its fullest extent.

In an attempt to tell us how the future touchscreen is going to look and work, Intel has put together a mind taunting video of how they think the touchscreen will be implemented. We’re going to be surrounded by them, and their usage is going to be as implemented into our lives as our own sleep. The natural and unobtrusive future touchscreen interface will give us a new way to interact with the entire world. It will all become a real virtual reality where directions are shown on the very ground you are walking on, and menus will be on the very table you’re sitting at. There is no limit to what the future touchscreen will be able to achieve.

When the touchscreen was introduced, it fundamentally changed something in our core awareness. It will become a revolution that will not only catch us by surprise overnight, but crawl upon us like a welcoming blanket of genius computing. There’s no doubt the touchscreen is here to stay. The future touchscreen and its features will assure us that it will never really go away unless a new way to interact with a flat bed device is invented that is better and more optimized. I have a hard time seeing that happening, so I guess we’re stuck with the touchscreen for the foreseeable future.

The Future Touchscreen & How It Will Work

The Future Touchscreen Technology

The Future Touchscreen Technology

The Future Touchscreen Technology