Interactive Food: High Tech Sushi With Edible QR Codes On Top

Most of the high tech food creations we’ve seen over the past year have to do with 3D printing. Today we aren’t featuring an edible 3D printed creation, but instead, a high tech interactive food delight that will make your dining experience educational. It will also give you an excuse to be on your smartphone during dinner. This is sushi with edible QR codes on top, which provide specific info about the sushi. It’s a brilliant way to learn more about what we consume.

This particular sushi is now being served at Harney Sushi in San Diego. When guests scan the QR codes in their interactive food, they learn about the sustainability of the sushi they’re about to put in their mouths. The QR codes themselves are edible, so they become part of the meal. They are printed on rice paper with water-based, edible ink.

Imagine what it would be like to have these QR codes on all the food we order in restaurants. If you are a person who is concerned about what you’re consuming, it only makes sense not to blindly eat anything off a menu. These edible QR codes, which create interactive food, make a lot of sense. They seem like the next logical step when it comes to being educated about the food we eat.

This particular sushi restaurant is one of the first restaurants in the United States to start using these QR codes. Hopefully the trend will continue, and it will become more common as time goes on. I bet it would be fun to be the person in charge of creating the QR codes themselves. What a meticulous, artistic and very important job that would be!

Interactive Food: High Tech Sushi With Edible QR Codes

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