How The Internet Has Affected Our Personal Privacy

Most people would wholeheartedly agree that the Internet has made life far easier in many different ways. We can now do pretty much everything we need to online from ordering the weekly groceries through to booking a vacation, enjoying entertainment, finding a new job, a socializing with friends and family.

Despite the value that the Internet and modern technology as a whole have brought to our personal and business lives, there is also a downside that has to be considered. One of the things that many people are concerned about is how their personal privacy is affected as a result of the internet. In general, our privacy has been affected in a range of ways and it is little wonder that people are concerned over this matter.

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Some Of The Ways In Which Our Privacy Has Been Affected

With so much information now online, there are many ways in which the privacy of the average person has been affected. Even illegal activity such as fraud and identity theft can occur as a result of the ease through which people can obtain information about a person online. Some of the factors that have impacted on our privacy include…

  • Social media: Many people love using social media and spend huge amounts of time telling other people everything from what they had for breakfast through to how they are feeling or when they are going on vacation. However, you have to remember that your ‘friends’ on these sites are often complete strangers other than their online profile. So, by telling the world when you are planning to go on vacation you are basically telling strangers when your home will be empty. This is why you have to be very careful about what you put on these sites, as your safety could be seriously compromised.
  • Checks on people: Sometimes, it is necessary for someone to carry out background checks on you, which is something that is commonly done online these days. For instance, if you are applying for a particular kind of job a potential employer may have to carry out criminal checks to see whether you have a record or if there are any pending convictions. While these checks are sometimes necessary, it does give an indication as to how easily people can get a hold of information about you and your past.
  • Cybercrime activities: Perhaps the most worrying invasion of privacy online comes from criminal activities. Cybercrime has become a serious issue over the years and hackers can easily obtain information about people via the Internet. This then enables them to commit crimes such as fraud and identity theft, which can cause huge issues for individuals both on a personal level and financially.

It is inevitable that there will be information about people online, whether this is something that is done on social media or as a result of accessible records. However, making sure you keep a close eye on your online information, such as browsing the Internet anonymously, and that you do not put sensitive information on sites like social media, you can help to better protect yourself.

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