Internet | As you’ve never thought of it

Recently stumbled over a video that I got one of the weeks biggest laughs to. Not only did it entertain me it also made me think. It made me think about the Internet. Not what the Internet offers but what it actually is. How it actually managed to come around from the start. After all, nobody owns the Internet even though there were three people inventing it. isn’t that one of the biggest secrets ever?

Just the mere fact that nobody is owning the Internet doesn’t mean that nobody is making money off of it. We all do in one way or another. But the phenomenon isn’t just that it’s a free invention. It’s the act of kindness from the people inventing it. Watching this clip really made me open my eyes in a different way. Profoundly changing the way I look at the Internet. There are so many governments out there that are trying their best to own or censor the content of it that it’s becoming scary. Even the US have had their share of suggested laws to put the government in control of the Internet. Proposed was that the US government could stop all traffic of the Internet if a war was at hand. Why? The list is too long to add here but just the fact that they are trying to rest control of it is scary really.

This is a must see video clip and I promise you that you will have a whole new look at what the Internet is after you’ve seen it. Adapt it to your every day life and I can also promise you that if enough people did, we would have a whole new and better world. The act of random kindness is all the world needs really. Don’t you agree?