Internet Then & Now: Timeline From 1969 Till Today [Infographic]

Everyone knows the Internet is growing fast. That’s no mystery. The question is, do you know how fast? According to the stats page on WordPress, in 2011 there were over 100,000 new WordPress blogs started every day. That number could easily be doubled by now, and that’s just blogging. When I start thinking about every piece of information that lives or is transmitted online, it seems overwhelming. This ‘Internet then and now’ infographic puts it all into perspective.

The Internet is growing exponentially, and Internet traffic is expected to quadruple between now and next year. It makes me start wondering where all that stuff is going to fit and whether or not there is enough room for it. Of course there is, but trying to comprehend it all is still mind-boggling. If there was ever a real life Skynet that was growing and learning, it would have to be the Internet we are all connected to right now.

This infographic called The Internet Then and Now by WhoIsHostingThis creates a simple Internet timeline from 1969 through today. When you see what the Internet then looked like compared to now, it doesn’t seem like that could only be forty-four years. I mean, there are now around 297 billion emails sent every single day. That alone is a huge number. I wonder what the complexion of the Internet will look like in another forty-four years. With as much as it’s changed, it could be completely different then. I am looking forward to seeing the transition.

Just as people thought using a modem was a great option back in the early ’90s, imagine how slow we’ll think today’s fast Internet connections are in a decade from now. The Internet is constantly growing and progressing, and that is one thing that will most likely never change. That is, until something comes along to replace it.

The Internet Then & Now

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