Invoicing with Curdbee

I have been using Curdbee for a good few months now and I think its about time I gave them some love.  There are many invoice managing programmes  – online and offline that are around, but I have not found one that offers a simple but complete invoicing management service for free.

Curdbee does this, they enable you to set up and customise your invoices, hold them as drafts, send them and tell you when they are viewed and enable you to break them down into many items and descriptions.

Curdbee’s basic service, being free as well, is exactly what starting freelancers require.  Unlimited invoices, clients and items is excellent for a free package, you can also include your own branding, paypal and Google checkout.  If you need more features later on, Curdbee offer some upgrade packages, each at $5 a month each.  They enable more features which are not initially essential but are very helpful.

So if you are looking for an online “cloud” based invoicing solution, check out Curdbee – I doubt you will be disappointed!