inWatch Android Watch Leaps Into The Future With Innovative Features

I am one of those people who can’t wait for an innovative smartwatch to enter the consumer market. My biggest hope right now is that several of the multinational technology brands are working on one, and they will introduce them soon. The features considered to be innovative depend on a person’s preferences, but when a smartwatch changes how we stay connected, then we’ll know. Maybe the inWatch Android watch is the smartwatch we’re waiting for.

The inWatch Android watch is a smartwatch that has been in research and development for over 2 years and was recently announced as the company’s (Shenzhen inWatch Tech Ltd.) first official product. The smartwatch is meant to bridge the gap between smartphones and watches by introducing downloadable applications for the watch.

It’s impossible to say whether or not the inWatch Android watch will have the same effect on developers as the iPhone and Android phones once did when they were introduced. But it has been evident from the past that a customizable device is only as popular as the number of applications and software that are available for it.

There are plenty of innovative features incorporated into this Android watch, but the most eye-catching one could possibly be the GSM connectivity that reduces the need for a Wi-Fi network. It also features a custom version of Android 4.2 which the developers have renamed to inDroid. The Android watch also features a size that is 2.17 inches in height, 1.57 in width and 0.35 inches in depth, and the OLED screen which measures 1.54-inch, 240×240.

The specs for this Android watch are quite mind boggling, and even though the English and Chinese version of the developer’s site states different specs, the most impressive one is that the watch incorporates 1GB of RAM and 8GB of disk space. The whole thing is driven by a dual core 1.2Ghz CPU, which is more than sufficient for an Android watch. The watch is currently being priced at around $290.00. Currently it looks like a massive 3,821 Android watches have been sold. Could this be the next hypercool device of the future?

inWatch Android Watch – First True Smartwatch?