iPad Gets A REAL Camera – Face Time Goes Large

It was a huge setback when Apple announced that the iPad wouldn’t have a camera. At least there wouldn’t be a camera on this generation of the iPad. I have no doubt they will add one later though. It’s just how Apple works, they like to churn out that money. At least they are making some nice products, but the waiting for everything could have been handled differently. Well, at least there are some alternatives to the features you want on the iPad today.

Designer Chet Rosales has come up with the ultimate solution for the iPad when it comes to photography and being able to have video conference calls on the iPad (also called “Face Time” by Apple). It’s a unique solution that I think MANY people will appreciate and indulge in.

It’s an add-on camera that fits snugly into the rim of the iPad and makes the iPad look nothing short of stunning. It’s like it was manufactured into the iPad and gives your iPad a unique and personalized look and feel. No longer do you have to sit around taking miniature pictures with your iPhone only to transfer them with an app when you’re done. This is direct and gives you the freedom to take the full scale photos you want, talk to your partner while away on business or whatever you want to use it for. Simple genius!