iPhone 4 Finally Bejeweled – Now Worth £5 Million!

Isn’t it funny how everything that comes from Apple sooner or later gets bejeweled? It’s like it’s an unwritten rule that all their gadgets have to get bejeweled, almost like everything with an Apple logo is divine. Of course, that’s not the case, and the iPhone 4 has had more troubles with its release than probably any other Apple product released to date. It’s just that jewelers really enjoy encrusting those Apple gadgets with their diamonds to show off their creativity. The fact that it has already been done over and over doesn’t seem to matter to them really.

A newly bejeweled iPhone 4 was recently revealed by Stuart Hughes. It’s encrusted with over 500 diamonds with a combined 100ct in all. The Apple logo alone consists of 53 diamonds. The crown jewel is really the navigation button which holds a 7.4ct pink diamond. There is, as you can see, no limit to the bling of this iPhone 4. If you would even dare carrying it around in your pocket remains to be seen.

The mere fact that it’s worth is upwards of £5 million doesn’t seem to scare some people off from buying it. I take it that it’s rather a collectors item and not something that you flaunt around at Kinkos to gain respect. It’s a 32gb iPhone 4, so when I think about, it its really made to be used, right? You can only hope that whoever decides on buying this uber bling gadget knows that the next generation iPhone probably will be released quite soon, and then this one will be considered an historical item. Maybe that’s not a bad thing either. After all, diamonds last forever and this one is encrusted with them like they were just grains of sands on an endless beach. £5 million! That’s a lot of Snickers bars!