Keeper iPhone 5 Case Will Eliminate Your Ordinary Wallet

It seems there’s something about wallets that just doesn’t fit our needs anymore. With our heavily equipped mobile devices, the wallet has become a secondhand accessory that we just don’t want to deal with anymore. There has been a lot of innovation in the last few months that could possibly render the ordinary wallet obsolete. I think we have all heard of mobile payments, and how they will soon be incorporated into our smartphones. It’s a feature that has been available for quite a while in Japan. But for the rest of us, banning the ordinary wallet will take something more innovative than that. Maybe the Keeper wallet is what will make that happen. It’s an iPhone 5 case that basically transforms your iPhone into a combined billfold wallet.

The Keeper wallet was actually conceptualized in 24 hours during a recent event held by Fab and Quirky. This iPhone 5 case is the result of some extensive crowdsourced brainstorming that also resulted in the conception of 5 other iPhone 5 cases and one iPhone 5 dock. Incorporating a billfold wallet into an iPhone case is one of the smartest ideas imaginable in order to phase out the ordinary wallet entirely. Why carry around an iPhone 5 and a wallet in your pocket at the same time? Why not just mash them together and call it a day, right? Well, that is exactly what this is.

There are pockets for credit cards and a billfold pocket where you can keep your money stored in a safe manner. So far, this iPhone 5 case wallet is only available for pre-ordering (if it’s still open that is). The event was meant to bring a bunch of people together in order to conceive the best iPhone 5 products imaginable and then try them out on the market. This iPhone 5 case wallet has so far gained a lot of attention, and I would expect that we’ll see this concept idea realized and sold on a much larger scale in the future.

Quirky & Fab’s iPhone 5 Case Innovation Event