iPhone 5 Specs Compared To iPhone 4S & Galaxy S3 [Infographic]

So the day finally came yesterday when Apple announced their new iPhone 5. Before the event, the expectations were high to say the least. A lot of people had been waiting for this day for a long time. Many have said that this would be the product that Apple would have to score high with in order to have people believe the company could survive without the leadership of Steve Jobs. To say the iPhone 5 has a lot of new and groundbreaking features would be to exaggerate. The iPhone 5 specs were impressive and a welcome upgrade, but the first reactions were that it is somewhat of a mediocre upgrade to things they had already incorporated into the iPhone 4S. There were of course new features that were both welcome and frowned upon.

The most talked about features must have been the new Lightning connector and the Earpods. When it comes to the Lightning connector, I bet there are a lot of iPhone accessory manufacturers out there who are furious right now. It’s a vital change that will have thousands and thousands of iPhone accessories not working with the iPhone 5. It’s too early to say if this is a way for Apple to take back a piece of the accessory market or just a step towards them controlling their own connectivity with other stuff and possibly create an industry standard. Who knows the agenda behind some of the iPhone 5 specs.

However, when it comes to the Earpods, the reactions were almost in celebration. The old headphones (earbuds) were alright, but they tended to break as soon as they came in contact with humidity or even a slight drop of water. In particular, the controller on the cord is the one thing that usually breaks first. Overall, I guess Apple had a variety of reactions when it came to their announcement of the new iPhone 5.

A lot of people say the upgrades are nothing to even be impressed about and Apple might, for the first time, let competitors leap in and take a huge market share from Apple due to this somewhat mediocre upgrade. So just how do the iPhone 5 specs compare to other phones currently on the market? Will the iPhone 5 specs even match up with some of the most powerful phones available today? That is a good question, and one that the people over at MobilePhoneFinder decided to take a closer look at.

Working through the night while consuming a truck load of pizza, cookies and almost injecting Red Bull into their system, they managed to compare the iPhone 5 specs with the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S3. It’s a great infographic that puts the iPhone 5 specs head to head with these other similar phones. Which one is considered the better one is of course up to you, the readers. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to what they like in a phone, so this infographic could work great as a little comparison sheet for you to be able to make a decision. Even though the iPhone 5 specs are definitely an upgrade, it just might not be enough to meet the expectations that the world had prior to the announcement.

I guess all the other product upgrades that Apple announced yesterday fell a little bit in the shadow of the iPhone 5 announcement, but this is what the world had been waiting for for so long. Is it enough for Apple to maintain their leading position on the smartphone market? What do you think? I could go on forever about this since I love gadgets. Don’t get me started on the new iPod Nanos, urgh…

iPhone 5 Specs Compared To iPhone 4s & Galaxy S3

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