iPhone Applications To Help You Manage Your Money!

There is really an application for everything.  Imagine, having apps on your iPhone that also allows you to manage your money.  Specially with hard times, we do want to keep track of our daily expenses, how we can save and manage every penny that we have worked hard for.

1. iXpenseit – The application is US$2.99 and rated 4+ – the application allows the user to easily track his expenses daily and helps with the monthly budgeting.  The application is suitable for both personal and business use.

2. Save Benjis –  The application costs US$0.99 to download and is an app to help you search for the best prices.  Just take a photo of the item you want on your iPhone and let the app do its job.

3.  Bill Minder –  The number one on the Top Paid  app for Money Management costs US$0.99.  The application simplifies your life by tracking your bills, now you won’t need to miss the due dates when its time to pay those monthly bills.

There are a lot more applications you can check out HERE.  The list above are those that can really help simplify and make managing your money easier.