iPhone Apps For Pets: A Frog, Lizard, Cat & Dog Play Games

We all know that everyone, regardless of age, can find something entertaining to do on an iPhone or iPad. Since i-gadgets are so intuitive, it’s not really that surprising when we read about children who can download apps and play games on an iPhone before they can talk in complete sentences or tie their shoes.

What about animals though? Have you ever wondered if some iPhone and iPad games would be fun for animals to play too? Just last week I wrote about some orangutans that draw on an iPad twice a week. Today I saw these videos of a frog, lizard, cat and dog having fun with apps too.

I wonder if app developers will start to see this as a new market. I also wonder if the day will ever come when we attach an iPad to the wall down at ground level in our homes so our pets can hop over there and play games whenever they want. Wow, that would be fun! The question is, would it be more fun for me or for my pet? There is a surprise ending to the frog video. Omg, if you only have time to watch one of these, you gotta check that one out. No wonder it’s been viewed almost ten million times in three weeks.

Cat Scratching Like A DJ

Via: [Next Nature]