iPhone Cup Holder Case Holds Your Coffee Cup While You Text

In the ever expanding world of quirky yet useful iPhone cases, we have now reached one that might actually become popular (don’t count on it though). The ingenuity among case makers has been slim to none the last couple of years. They usually just produce the same ole features in new packaging. But every once in a while, there is one that actually captures our attention. This one definitely did that! Imagine for a second an iPhone cup holder case. Can you see it?

Probably not. I couldn’t either – especially not the kind of case I was actually greeted with when I started looking at these pictures. It’s a case, we know that. But the unique feature this iPhone case incorporates is actually a pretty useful cup holder. By the looks of it, you swing the case open which then reveals the cup holder. As you might understand by now, hooking your iPhone up with this iPhone cup holder case will enable you to text with both hands even though you’re carrying around a cup of hot coffee. Now that is multitasking.

Whatever you do, when you are done, don’t casually try to put the phone back in your pocket. That could result in a whole lot of nasty burns. This iPhone cup holder case is actually called UpperCup, and it is a new startup looking for funding. They are expecting to raise $25,000 over at IndieGoGo in 38 days. It’s hard to say whether this thing will be popular or not since the fundraising is in such an early stage.

This iPhone cup holder case is “easy” to put in your pocket as well. It’s “just” 2 inches thick. Well, look at it from its usefulness point of view. You will never have to drop your phone or your coffee just because you only have two hands. With this badboy, you will be able to text and carry around your coffee at the same time. Could it be the perfect iPhone cup holder case for anyone in constant motion? I don’t know, only the future will tell.

UpperCup – iPhone Cup Holder Case