iPhone Equalizer Case Will Start The Party Right

It seems more and more smartphone accessories are incorporating some kind of light feature into them. As some of you might know, I have always looked forward to the day when smartphone cases and accessories have more technology infused into them. The additional features you can add to a smartphone when you incorporate technology into a case or accessory are unlimited. Even a simple thing like an iPhone equalizer case is a sign that cases and accessories are evolving into tech gadgets also.

The iPhone equalizer case, dubbed the iEqualizer, is not a particularly advanced piece of technology, but it adds a bit of extra flare to your noisy life. The equalizer bars will react on sounds, and even though it’s not a complete band frequency equalizer, it is still kind of cool. What I mean is that the input does not differentiate between sound frequencies as bass, mid or high range sounds. That makes the equalizer a pretty monotone equalizer that only reacts to sounds overall.

Nonetheless, it catches your attention in a way that most iPhone cases just can’t do. There seems to be a little sound input box where the case collects its sound data at the bottom of the case itself. I can’t say it is the best looking iPhone case I have ever seen, but I can’t refuse the fact that it’s quite geeky. That alone made me pick it up and want to write about it today.

If you have ever wanted to start a party, this iPhone equalizer could definitely get people into the mood. After all, it will not react without sound, so putting on some music is likely to kick start the party just right. The iPhone equalizer case is made available by Strapya World, but it can only be pre-ordered at the time I’m writing this. It is priced at roughly $32.00, and it comes with a whole lot of geek factor. The question is whether or not you’re ready to become the party starter everyone is waiting for?

Start The Party With The iPhone Equalizer Case




Via: [Chip Chick]