Does Having An iPhone Really Make You Smarter?

The title of this article has been a lingering question for as long as the smartphone has existed. Today we’re going to indulge in the results from a truly interesting study recently commissioned by LadbrokesIt has been proven that the type of smart phone you have could reflect your intelligence according to the survey with the aim to find out which mobile phone users are the smartest.

The online Test of Wits asked questions like ‘How many months have 28 days?” and ‘How many 9s are there between 1 and 100?’. Each of the questions have four possible answers and a partaker in the test was unable to move onto the next question without first having answered the previous one correctly.

The test was made up of seven brainteasers designed to test a range of skills including: problem solving skills, pattern recognition and code cracking. Ladbrokes, the UK’s leading betting company, says that iPhone users are smarter than others according to the results of the survey. HTC and Nokia users took 105 and 109 seconds to complete the seven questions. IPhone owners took the lead and completed the quiz on 94 seconds on average. BlackBerry users took the most time and came in last at 118 seconds. Google users came second with 99 seconds and Samsung owners were third with 103 seconds.

Ladbrokes conducted the survey among 1,000 users of the betting app. The results showed that iPhone users were able to answer multiple choice questions more quickly than the others but this is perhaps due to the fact that an iPhone is simply a better smart phone than the rest of them. Because of the results of the survey, it was concluded that Apple holders were smarter than the other contenders.

Despite the winners of the survey to be iPhone users, the fastest test was completed by someone with a Samsung smartphone who answered all of the questions correctly in just 47 seconds which is ridiculously fast. However the survey was conducting the test on the different brands of smartphones and not the individual users. The survey has proved that the iPhone is the most intelligent out of all of the other smartphones which leads to the interesting possibility that the type of smartphone you have could depict how intelligent you are, hence the test named as the ‘Test of Wits’.

This Study Says The iPhone Makes You The Smartest

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iPhone Makes You Smarter Article

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