iPhone Pepper Spray Case Will Scare Off The Bad Guys

Alright, let’s state it again, shall we? There is a sea of  iPhone cases out there, and there are new ones being introduced to us every day. They are becoming quite technological as well, if you know what I mean. Their purpose is not only to personalize your iPhone, but also to actually add something to it, such as a feature not present in the off the shelf product. It becomes most clear when you look into all the iPhone camera accessories. There are some truly awesome camera gadgets and cases that you just snap onto the iPhone and voilà, you have a whole new way of using that camera on your iPhone.

What about personal security? Are there any accessories for the iPhone that could increase your security when walking home alone from the club for example? Yes, by all means, there are! Just have a look at the SmartGuard iPhone Case. It’s a truly innovative way to make you feel just a bit more safe. So what is it really? Well, it’s an iPhone case with a pepper spray can attached to it. This way, when you are on your way home, you can always have that iPhone ready to call 911 and be able to disable the perpetrator with that pepper spray while you run for safety.

The case is a great leap in personal security and will definitely make a lot of women feel a bit more safe on their way home, knowing they can just detach that canister of pepper spray if necessary. The case is available now for just 37.50 Euro over at SmartGuard, the manufacturer of the case. Now the iPhone isn’t just a great tool in your every day life, but also a way to make you feel a bit more safe as well. There are no limits to what you can do with a phone it seems, and we here at Bit Rebels love it! This thing is truly something useful that you should definitely have a look at.




Via: [UFunk – French]