iRetrofone: The Badass iPhone Dock To Call Your Friends On

Are you sick of using that new yet same ole iPhone to call your friends? Sporting a new iPhone isn’t generating the same cool it used to. Also, who knows what microwaves are cooking your brain when using it. Even though there are scientific reports on pretty much every commercial cell phone out there, how can we be sure we’re not splitting brain cells by the sheer volume of calls when we keep taking on our cell phones? After all, we hold our phones right by our head, and at least my phone gets pretty warm after just 15 minutes of talking on it. It’s probably all good, but you never know.

Why not go with the only safe thing then? It’s something that will enable you to use your iPhone and still not get your brain fried while doing it. It’s called iRetrofone, and it comes from the brilliant mind of Scott Freeland. It’s a carefully crafted replica of the old Bakelite phones people used to keep at home.

It’s a fully functional iPhone dock retro phone which you can use to easily call your friends up old school style, but don’t think they will come cheap though. Even though there are several designs, they are still (by the first look of it) one offs which you will have to pay a cool $195.00-$350.00 for. However, as a gadget geek, I can not think of anything cooler to decorate my home!