Is It Really Waterproof? – Find The Tech That Will Survive Spills

Years ago, getting your tech wet used to be a huge disaster. You would toss the gadget in a bag of rice or blow it with a hairdryer, praying that it wasn’t completely destroyed by the mistake. Now, tech companies have improved their designs so that gadgets can survive much more than a splash of water. See how you can find products that are really waterproof.

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There are computers out there that can withstand more than an accidental spill. Click here to see custom rugged computer products built with waterproof sealed aluminum chassis that can endure any interaction with water and moisture. These waterproof computers also come with accessories like power cables and mating connectors with the same rugged functionality. They are specifically designed to get wet and perform just as normal.

They are perfect for jobs that require employees to encounter water, moisture or extreme temperatures on a regular basis. So, it’s an ideal pick for someone in the marine industry or who needs to complete their work outdoors. A heavy rainstorm isn’t enough to stop this waterproof computer from operating.


The biggest smartphone companies are vying to make the best waterproof phone on the market. That’s why there is so much variety for people to choose from. Every company from Huawei to Google is trying their hardest to prove that their premium devices can survive a dunk in water and still manage to take crisp photos, make calls, and send texts immediately after.

Is It Really Waterproof?

You need to be careful to see how tech is advertised. Sometimes a company will announce that their smartphone is completely waterproof. Sometimes they will try to prove this feature by dropping the device into a bucket of water and testing it right after. These claims are exciting, but they’re often leaving out the fine print that the phone can still wear down after coming in contact with water, especially after doing it over and over again.

The truth is, many of these phones are water resistant — they’re not waterproof. That means that they can handle an accidental drop in a puddle or pool, but that repeated exposure to water, moisture, and extreme temperatures will eventually create long-standing water damage.

How can you avoid making the wrong pick? The first thing that you can do is check the IP rating to see just how much water/moisture your phone can withstand. The higher the rating, the more it can handle. You should also do your research. Look at reviews and test videos online to see if the product holds up to the advertisements. Your phone’s waterproofing features could essentially add up to good marketing.

Your best bet is to look for products that aren’t designed for the average consumer. Look for rugged, functional gadgets that are catered to top professionals. The waterproof features for a sleek smartphone are meant for accidents. The waterproof features of a sturdy LCD PC are meant for everyday use.

Nowadays, tech doesn’t have to be delicate. The right devices can perform through spills, splashes, and showers, without even a glitch.

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