iTeufel Magnum Review: It’s The Bentley Of Bluetooth Audio

I have used Teufel audio products for five years now, and I associate excellent build and sound quality with the brand. So, it was only natural for me to pick up the stunning iTeufel Magnum (pictured). I know there are many others out there that provide the ability to dock your Apple iPod, connect to FM radio or even stream audio content using Bluetooth wireless technology. But there’s no other product out there that comes anywhere near the superior sound quality of the iTeufel Magnum.

The glossy black lacquered finish with its transparent speaker styling is ideally suited for small spaces – I love to listen to music as I cook, and the Magnum system beautifully disguises my awful rendition of “Britney bitch” as I sing-a-long to the ‘’ track. Let’s be honest, how many of you discard the manual and immediately plug-in a product to get it up and working? I do, and I was looking for that infamous ‘out-of-the-box’ experience – plug it in, power on and voila!

So, I picked up the wife’s (Sarah) iPad and used Bluetooth to discover the Magnum; using the default passkey (0000) I paired with ease and immediately began streaming audio content. So far, my ‘out-of-the-box’ experience was a breeze! The Magnum also includes a dinky but very handy remote control, which I used to easily navigate through my various tracks testing the Class D amplifier and integrated sub-woofer, which delivered incredibly deep and rich bass tones.

The iTeufel Magnum is the perfect example of how portability can marry with superb sound quality to create what can only be described as the ‘Bentley’ of audio systems. I liken it to this great car because of its refined, streamlined yet timeless classical curves (that feel at home in every style of décor), the sleekness of its lines and the superb build quality that sets it apart from its competitors in every respect. Oh yes, I’m completely smitten with the Magnum, and as I immerse myself in the richness of the sounds emanating from its beautifully incorporated speakers, it’s like sinking into the Bentley’s finest leather seats – that oh so comfortable reassuring feeling you get from knowing you’re experiencing the very best.

iTeufel Magnum Is The Bentley Of Bluetooth Audio

You can purchase an iTeufel Magnum at Typisch Teufel.
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Image Credits: [Typisch Teufel]