JangoMail: The Email Marketing Service Designed By Geeks For Geeks

Out of all forms of Internet marketing, the most effective is email marketing, and it’s growing in popularity. Email marketing was the most effective form of online advertising in 2012, and it’s on its way to achieving that title again for 2013. If you are a marketer, you know this. If you aren’t, you probably think it’s all spam, but that’s not true. If done correctly with a list of people who have opted in to receive your emails, email marketing can be a very powerful tool. It’s important find a high quality email marketing service.

If you have been thinking about venturing into the land of email marketing, I would like to suggest JangoMail as your email marketing service. I first heard about JangoMail about a year ago, which is when I started talking to Melissa about their services. They are very advanced compared to most email marketing services, and you can tell their system is designed by geeks for geeks. You’ll notice right away when you check out their website that they are different from the usual service. You can also see it when you look at their list of top features.

For example, instead of doing quarterly updates, they add features as they are requested by users. In other words, customers can request something they’d like, and the engineers at JangoMail often produce that feature quickly.

They also have a private label option, which means you can use their email marketing service without anyone knowing you are using JangoMail. This not only allows for a cleaner, more polished look, but it will also make your business seem like you are taking care of your own email marketing on the back end.


JangoMail offers tons of features for marketers, but the thing that caught my attention the most is that they are very Developer/IT friendly. There is a whole section on the site dedicated to developers. When I asked Melissa about this, she said, “We are very popular among developers because of the depth of our integration options. We have a robust API, and we also have the ability to build direct bridges to existing databases. Our flexibility and ability to speak to developers as developers is huge.

If you are used to managing your business email list through an autoresponder, they have you covered from that aspect too. They offer an autorepsonder option. JangoMail offers a one-of-a-kind email marketing service, and I challenge you to find another service that can handle your email marketing in such a sophisticated, streamlined way. They are really set up to provide you with the most evolved email experience possible.

You can try them out for free, but even when you start paying, it’s super inexpensive for all these features. Pricing starts at $15 a month for 1,000 emails and goes up from there. For $100, you can send 12,000 emails. Whether you want to send 1,000 emails a month or a million emails a month, they can handle it. When you are ready to try the most effective form of Internet marketing, I hope you give them a try!

JangoMail: Email Marketing Service Designed By Geeks For Geeks


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