Jay Hart Analyzes How Technology Is Changing Security

Constant improvements in technology have changed the landscape of security. As technology advances, criminals try to get around the newest forms of deterrence. While security technology is always improving, security systems tend to change more slowly than the criminals who are trying to thwart them.

Former Captain Jay Hart, a security expert, explains how technology is changing the world of security and offers solutions for Miami residents who want to make sure their homes and businesses have the highest possible levels of protection.

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Competitive Disadvantages

Unfortunately, it is frequently the offender that has a competitive advantage when it comes to security. The defender needs to protect constantly against all types of potential attack, while the offender needs only to find one way past the defenses.

Security technology is often left to play catch-up when compared to criminals. For example, when the shoe bomber caused a disruption in security circles after 9/11, security systems were then put in place to protect against shoe bombs. Criminals’ ingenuity leads to new vulnerabilities.

Focus Areas

Fortunately, there are many security developments which have gotten out ahead of the criminals who want to exploit vulnerabilities. Remote monitoring has been a strong advantage over those who want to break into a home or car.

When Miami residents are able to keep an eye on their homes or cars, they experience greater feelings of security. They are often able to correct settings, arm and disarm systems, or remotely call for fire or police assistance. Combined with professional home monitoring systems, these new protocols will help to make people safer.

Home Sensors

Home sensors are more sophisticated than ever before. They are able to correctly judge a homeowner’s identity to allow entry to the home. This is better than some car locks which work when the person holding the key is within a certain radius of the car. Only authorized people would be able to enter the home, not all people who have access to a key.

Home sensors are also able to detect movement in rooms and hallways when the owners are away. People with pets may want to make these sensors less sensitive, but for most homeowners, finding any form of motion while they are not at home would be a great help. Home sensors can send messages by email or text when they are tripped.

Smart Garages

Home security technology has also made a significant impact on garage safety. While many cars have integrated garage control systems, new systems are phone-based. This allows anyone with the correct credentials to access the home. New garage door systems also include motion detectors to prevent pets or young children from being injured by the doors.

Security Away From Home

Businesses and airports now have new ways to keep the public safe. 3D scanners are now available for carry-on luggage, meaning that liquids and other objects would not need to be removed from the bags. This would speed up the time that it takes to get through a security line.

In UK airports, biometric iris scanners help to reduce the amount of time that it takes to get through airport security and cuts down on passport and identity fraud. These systems are on the verge of being rolled out in more areas around the world, making the flying public safer and bringing them more convenience.

Health Records

The security of healthcare data needs to be preserved. Medical data is uniquely sensitive, and people feel violated if control of this data is lost. Biometrics in medical data make records more secure and ensure that they are being applied to the correct patient, which is especially important when the patient is incapacitated.

Security For Miami Residents

The people of Miami should be able to take advantage of these security updates in the near future. For homeowners who are interested in security, it is wise to look into the most advanced systems available that will meet your needs.

Former Captain Jay Hart recommends that all homeowners do a security audit and find out which areas of their homes are most vulnerable to intruders. This may be an old window facing a shady side yard or a door that is known to be left unlocked at night. When it comes to security, knowing these vulnerabilities ahead of time and reacting appropriately could make all the difference.

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