Ad Agency Determined Who To Hire By Monitoring Interns’ Brainwaves

People are constantly saying that it’s difficult to score a job in today’s fierce and competitive job environment. I wish I could tell you that it will get a whole lot easier, but technology is going to somewhat change the course of how we land a job. You most likely came to this article after reading the title. It is revealing, but there is more behind it than you might think. By monitoring brainwaves, you can determine a lot of things, even who is best suited for a job.

I know it might sound frustrating that technology might one day determine whether you will get the job or not, but it’s also a good thing. The experiment was conducted by an ad agency in Istanbul called TBWA. In an effort to find the very best candidates for the jobs they were looking to fill, they decided that passion and interest were huge factors. That’s where the brainwaves come in since they can pretty much tell whether a candidate is committed and passionate about what they are about to undertake.

By monitoring all of their interns’ brainwaves while they were watching a video consisting of various content, they were able to single out candidates who had increased brain activity during the session. This information proved which candidates were more passionate about their possible position. Of course, the entire hiring process wasn’t determined by brainwaves only. These interns had worked at the ad agency for a while, so they were already well established amongst the staff.

It is definitely one of the most technological hiring processes I have ever come across. As much as it probably scares people to think a computer will determine their future, it’s also a great way to show your employer how passionate you are about your upcoming position, all thanks to your brainwaves. So next time you step into an interview room, and they present you with a halo to monitor your brainwaves, don’t be frightened. It’s just a part of the interview process, and the natural selection of well suited candidates for the job. Yikes!

Ad Agency Monitors Brainwaves To Determine Who To Hire



Via: [psfk]