Just Announced: The Ferrari That Looks Like a Stormtrooper

When I first saw this car, three words came to mind: Oh my gosh. I love fast cars and I love Star Wars, so what could be better than a fast car that looks like a stormtrooper? Drive this car to become an instant bad ass. I was first introduced to it through a tweet sent to me by @pkruvczuk. Thank you, Pete!

This car, called the Gemballa MIG-U1, is based on the Ferrari Enzo. According to https://www.worldcarfans.com “the car has a completely new exhaust, and not just new tailpipes. The car boasts a unique rear bumper and wing, new side sills, and a front bumper. It appears the car has LED daytime lights as well. It just wouldn’t be a Gemballa without the roof-mounted air intake. Interior mods include quilted upholstery, dual-tone floor mats, and a video screen.” Gemballa, famous for their creative Porche designs, really outdid themselves on this latest creation in my opinion. Of course, not everyone agrees. Car snobs everywhere are saying this is just a knock off of a Ferrari FXX. How can anyone think a car that looks like a stormtrooper isn’t cool?

Unfortunately, we regular folks won’t be able to run out and buy one of these beauties since it is a special-edition commissioned by the Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group, a company from Dubai. If you do any research on this company, you’ll see an extravagance so indulgent it’s almost unbelievable. Suddenly it makes sense why this car is so over the top.

A lot of the details about this car have not been released yet, but after the official invitation-only launch in Dubai, I’m sure we’ll have more information. So, you be the judge. What do you think? Cool car or gaudy waste of time?