How To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer Months

It is a common practice among Americans to crank up the AC when the thermometer is rising close to the triple digits. What most Americans don’t know is that you can cool your home without the AC. Want to know how? Well, here are three secrets to help cool your home without an AC.

Secret #1 – Open Your Windows

Unless you live in a hole, your home must have windows in every room. When you open your windows, you will allow fresh and cool air to flow in. Within minutes, your home will be cool. Here is the best thing about the natural flow of air. It does not cease. The air will continue to flow every single moment. Furthermore, you don’t have to set up dehumidifiers in order to pump in the cool air.

If you reside in an area where dust and pollen are present, then it’s best to invest in window screens with filters. This is good for windows located downstairs, for example, the living room, kitchen and your home office. The reason you have to do this is twofold. For starters, it helps to prevent your home from being filled with dust and pollen. Lastly, setting up a window screen with filters will prevent the occurrence of breathing problems.

Caution – if you will be leaving your home for a few hours, make sure that your windows are closed. You don’t want burglars to invite themselves in.

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Secret #2 – Apply Reflective Paint

Every homeowner invests a lot in his or her home. Once the house has been built, not only is it stunning but it’s a home to behold. This is the same with home buyers. Buying a home is like shopping for shoes, clothes or a super car. You want the best. The problem is that most homes are painted with non-reflective paint especially the roof and outer walls. [pullquote]Did you know that painting reflective paint on your roof eliminates the need to invest in an AC?[/pullquote]

Many readers may be wondering why it’s important to paint your roof or walls with reflective paint. Well, the rays of the sun are much more than just visible light. When the sun shines its rays towards Earth, not only is visible light transmitted but UV rays and infrared radiation are transmitted too. For those who may have forgotten, infrared radiation is heat. When it comes into contact with a solid, it expands the molecules and allows the transfer of heat into your house. As a result, the air molecules in your home will absorb the heat and temperature will rise.

By painting your outer walls and roof with reflective paint, much of the infrared red radiation and UV rays will be reflected back into the atmosphere. This will ensure your home remains cool.

Secret #3 – Shield Your Windows

You can shield your windows and prevent much of the heat from being transferred in your home by closing the drapes. If your drapes are dark in color, not only will they prevent heat from being transferred into your home but they will prevent visible light from streaming in.

You can also opt to invest in slightly tinted windows. Tinted windows are usually covered with a dark special film which blocks much of the visible light. As a result, your home will remain cool all day.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are familiar with the three secrets that eliminate the need for you to use an AC during summer to cool your home, you can finally save a lot on your monthly energy bills. If you are looking for more natural solutions that help to cool your home, plant trees and vines. Make sure you plant them in the right position to eliminate providing burglars with an easy way into your home.

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How To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer Months

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