Key Advantages Of Data Extraction Services For Business

The number of businesses worldwide is permanently growing today. Statista claims approximately 328.83 mln companies existed globally in 2020. And by 2021, this amount had increased by almost 5 million.

Of course, there was a little drop after that because of the unstable epidemiological situation across the world. Nevertheless, in 2023, the previous trend in the business sector resumed.

Due to the intensive growth in the number of firms worldwide, entrepreneurs are forced to search for effective features to stay competitive. Experts, for their part, note web scraping software as an efficient tool to improve the productivity of your business.

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This is fair only if you cooperate with reputable data extraction service providers (like Nannostomus), though. That’s because merely trusted IT companies deliver qualitative applications at a favorable cost. And now, let’s take a closer look at the main pros of using web scraping apps for business goals.

What Kinds Of Companies May Benefit The Most From Data Extraction Service Employment?

Initially, e-commerce enterprises should be noted. Such firms can use web scraping software for the following goals:

  • looking for innovative goods or services;
  • tracking prices for certain items to find the cheapest suppliers;
  • searching for new favorable areas to sell goods or services there.

Finally, you can track your targeted audience’s needs using data extraction software. That’s possible, for instance, if one mines comments of prospects on social media.

Pros Of Data Extraction Services For Healthcare Establishments

Medics can benefit from web scraping app usage in the subsequent ways:

  • discovering innovative medicines or equipment to treat diseases more effectively;
  • finding remedies at more favorable prices;
  • gathering information about new cure approaches.

Additionally, online info-mining bots can discover regions that are in dire need of healthcare establishments. This way, you’re able to expand your hospital chain more thoughtfully.

How Can Insurance Enterprises Benefit From Data Extraction Service Use?

Insurers may predict upcoming trends in different industries by collecting information from websites. Such an approach helps avoid huge expenses during hefty crises in the business field when a lot of company owners apply for policies just to provide themselves with compensation after their firms crash. Furthermore, insurance agencies can, for example, analyze the most common crimes or diseases in certain regions.

In this case, it’s much easier to come up with relevant offerings for local prospects. At last, you’re able to research average salaries in particular areas. This will help determine reasonable compensation amounts for your clients in those regions.

What Should Business Owners Consider When Scraping Online Data?

Experts recommend taking into account the following things:

  • data extraction should be conducted according to local and international legislation;
  • don’t send too many queries at a time when scraping information from websites because this may be considered a hacker attack;
  • private info, such as ID details or personal contacts and preferences, is prohibited from mining.

Failure to comply with the recommendations above may result in penalties.


Data extraction service usage may significantly enhance your company’s effectiveness. That’s why web scraping software is widely employed in almost all kinds of businesses nowadays.

This is especially true for e-commerce, healthcare, and insurance firms. You, however, should collect data according to certain regulations. Otherwise, one can be fined. If entrepreneurs aren’t sure about the legality of scraping a specific type of info, they should consult with experienced specialists (e.g., at

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