Key Technology Solutions For Your Growing Business

One of the key benefits to business in recent years has been the increase in powerful yet cost-effective software and technology solutions that are now featured in the marketplace. In the past, companies had to make big decisions about paying high prices and investing in hardware platforms that required specialized IT staff with relevant experience. While these solutions were far better than trying to develop the code yourself, in general the costs were prohibitive for smaller, more entrepreneurial ventures.

Now, in a way, we’ve reached the golden age of software that is available for our business. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model ushered in dramatically improved prices, and came with the added benefit of running on hardware provided and hosted by the vendor. Since they controlled the environment, they were also responsible for all updates, maintenance and uptime guarantees. Perhaps best of all, functionality was improved and prices plummeted to affordable levels.

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WordPress CMS

To really show your customers and prospective clients that you are a key player in your industry, you need a professional website. Often your web presence makes the first impression, as visitors to the site find you on search engines or via ads or other promotional campaigns you are running. While you can build sites using some of the prepackaged site in a box software, those designs typically look amateur and also don’t handle future upgrades or advanced features well.

There are many advantages of using WordPress, you get a fully functional CMS, or Content Management System. Once you or your designer have come up with the graphic look and feel of the website, you’ll be able to add new copy like home page items and blog posts very quickly. WordPress also has plug ins that help you optimize content for search engines, great customer contact forms and more.

Fleet Management Software And Devices

If you are like many businesses today, managing logistics and optimizing your fleet operations are key concerns. Supply chain problems all across the globe have spilled over to local and regional companies as well. It’s really important to know where your fleet assets are at any time so you can quickly respond to customer needs. With the near historic high cost of fuel, it’s also critical to optimize routes. Another area of concern is driver and fleet safety.

If you haven’t installed dash cams yet, you may have come to the perfect time. When you put dash cams on all of your vehicles, you will be able to implement a safety program that is robust and helps protect your entire fleet. It’s best to read a guide on the best truck cams before making a decision on the right model for your operations.

Embedded E-Commerce Software

During the pandemic, many businesses found that their customer interaction and in-person selling dropped dramatically. While some personal interaction has now returned, there were still a couple of years where clients and prospects became conditioned to ordering online. Fortunately, there are some great solutions out there if you want to add e-commerce functionality to your site. These solutions are extremely cost-effective and work perfectly in the WordPress website environment.

Basically, you are able to embed commerce functionality on any page you want with just a minimum of new code needed. Some software vendors will even generate the code for you. Once you have added this software to your website, your clients can simply place their order online and have items delivered directly to them.

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