Golden Village Opens The Future Cinema Today

Quite some time ago, we were introduced to 3D glasses and how they could change our movie perspective. It was with the release of Avatar that the 3D concept really hit it big around the world. Shortly thereafter, people were talking about the next movie experience – 4D. Even 5D was brought up, but since then there has been little news. Golden Village recently announced they are opening the future cinema today, but it doesn’t have anything to do with a different movie format.

When I first heard about the future cinema, I was excited to think we’d again see some mind blowing innovation. My excitement was quickly subdued, and I retreated to rest my back on my chair. But then it dawned on me that I could still be excited about what Golden Village had presented, and it would enrich our movie going experience after all.

The future cinema might not be a 4D or 5D experience just yet, but it definitely has some optimizations that will make your experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Golden Village announced that they are now fully supporting QR codes instead of actual movie tickets. The whole system is such an optimization that it will wipe out the entire endeavor of actually having to go to the movie theater and buy a physical ticket. After that, we usually have to wait for up to an hour before the movie starts, which is not a very optimized solution.

Golden Village solved the problem by offering movie goers the option to buy their tickets online (just like before), but instead of picking up tickets, they can download a QR code that is scanned when they enter the movie theater. This way you can just sit back, open up your smartphone, choose what movie you want to see, buy the ticket, and then show up at the movie theater in as little as 5 minutes before the movie starts.

Along with this QR scanner system, Golden Village movie theaters now also sport interactive touchscreens in the lobby where moviegoers can check out other movies, watch previews and a whole lot of other things. The future cinema is definitely gearing up to be as automatic and optimized as we probably want it to be. QR codes are becoming a big deal, and we here at Bit Rebels think we’re going to see a whole lot more of them in the future.

As if that wasn’t enough, Golden Village movie theaters now also allow the theater manager to start and stop the movie, dim and shut off the lights, and adjust the volume and sound system through the use of a simple iPad. The future cinema is definitely mounting up to become quite a relaxed experience.

Golden Village Future Cinema Today

Golden Village Future Cinema

Golden Village Future Cinema

Golden Village Future Cinema