Keyboard Heaven – The LED In Look

Chances are pretty much 1/1 that you probably have one in front of you right now when reading this. We all need one in order to add content to our screen. Yes, I am talking about the only hardware that’s connected to your computer that has never had a makeover technologically until now. With the new and exciting technology of LED screens and better space saving technologies we are seeing a rapid change in how our keyboards are designed.

We’ve been looking at some of the very best and ingenuitve new keyboards on the market and I am out of myself from excitement. They are just amazing looking and the features they pack is somewhat mind blowing. I can’t wait to see what will come after these. I take these as Tech 2 and waiting for Tech 3.

Asus Touchscreen Keyboard

Cool KeyboardsA supercool new keyboard packing a touchscreen to your right. As I can imagine the touchscreen will hold several uses including what appears to be a calendar but probably also the numeric keyboard featured on the tech 1 keyboards.

I am truly looking forward to this bad boy! Price will probably land around $500-$600 according to Asus.

Optimus OLED Keyboard

Cool KeyboardsThis keyboard I have followed since Mr. Lebedev first designed it using a 3D software. Everyone was stunned about the pictures and they couldn’t believe that no one had thought about this before.

The keyboard is fully customizable for your needs where you can add whatever graphics you want to ANY key on the keyboard. You assign the function you want the button to start and there you go.

The price for this new technology isn’t for just anyones pocket. With a pricetag set to $1.692 you sure ned to have the computer to match it with. Nothing more “FAIL” in having a 3 year old computer and then buying this.

Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

Cool KeyboardsThis new keyboard from “ThinkGeek” is somewhat of the cheaper sister to the Optimus OLDE Keyboard. Packing individual LED lights for each key that makes it able to glow with just about any colored light, it’s mildly impressive.

However, it’s about a tenth as expensive as the Optimus so it could be a great choice for the thinner wallet. You are after all able to set the lights yourself and some other settings.

With a price tag (“SALE RIGHT NOW”) at about $149.00 it makes it the cheapest of the three.