Keyboard Phone: New Revolutionary Concept Cell Phone

The way we picture a cell phone has become something of a hybrid of many gadgets.  The main theme that stands out is of course the touch screen and the available apps that you can use to super charge your phone.  New functions and features can be downloaded within seconds, and at the end of the day, you could have an all new cell phone.  This is true at least if you measure it by the number and types of features it has.  However, the way we picture a cell phone by design has pretty much been the same ever since we started seeing those small pocket-sized cell phones.  Are we soon going to see some new designs emerging on the market?  Well, everyone is wondering what Apple is working on, but it will be some time before we’ll find that out.

Designer Lin Jian Feng has a different view of how a cell phone should look in 2011.  The concept is a revolutionary look at what can be achieved if a little bit of imagination and creativity is incorporated when designing a new phone.  The phone is named the “Keyboard Phone” because it resembles a keyboard.  It is a fresh look at something that has more similarities with a Windows NetBook than a cell phone.  However, the size and the features are meant to present it as a cell phone.

With designers like Lin in the world, we can be sure that however we think a cell phone will look like in the future, we can be quite certain it won’t be anything remotely like what we can imagine now.  Is Apple going to impress us yet again with their ingenuity, or will we see yet another incarnation of the iPhone but with better specs?  I guess we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to get the answer to that.  If this concept will ever hit the consumer market is of course anyone’s guess.  I would vote for it just staying a static picture of a concept design idea.  It’s quite brilliant though.

Color Design and Front View

Pocket Sized Windows Phone Concept

Windows Concept Phone Specs View

Specs and Data Keyboard Phone

Via: [Yanko Design]