Keychain Digital Photo Frame: Flash Them Photos!

I remember the first time I saw a digital photo frame. Back then it wasn’t very advanced, and it looked kinda bulky. You could place it on your book shelf and impress your friends with it. Nowadays, these things are somewhat like miniature computers with movie and photo capabilities. They also have multiple media formats which enable you to inject pretty much anything into them and they will show it. They are getting quite cheap as well, but even so, I still have trouble finding them in my friend’s homes. Either I have the most anti-tech friends a guy could have, or they just haven’t found them in the stores where they shop.

Technology is advancing, and with it comes smaller things (just as we have covered here before). To top off these awesome photo frames, there is now a keychain photo frame available, and it’s a marvel, let me tell you. It can show up to 107 photos and they will be displayed on a 1.5-inch CSTN color LCD display (96×96).

You connect to it by USB. Immediately when you plug it in, the picture management software will load up automatically. Then you just have to insert the pictures you want to be displayed and off you go. Load it with your kids, friends or loved ones for everyone to see. Never again mistake your keys for someone else’s. On top of that, you also get a clock, so for the price of just $7, I must say it’s a good deal! You can grab this little piece of technology over at Chinavasion. It might be a nice little Christmas present for those less familiar friends.