Kids Today vs. 1980s Retro Technology [Video]

When we look at how far technology has come since the 1980s, we can safely say that it’s infinitely different than what it was back in the day. Kids rock out with their smartphones in one hand and a super powerful console controller in the other. It’s hard to even compare the two decades. Back in the day, we thought we were the coolest, just like kids do today. What would happen if we put kids of today up against 1980s retro technology? Would they even know how to use it?

Retro technology makes sense to us, the older nerds and geeks, but for kids today, the gadgets from that “ancient time” might come across a little more mysterious than we thought they would. In this pretty interesting experiment, kids are put head-to-head with yesterday’s retro technology so they can figure it out. For us, the gadgets and devices were super intuitive, but for kids today, they pretty much come across as old intelligence puzzles that they would never attempt to solve since they are just one touch or click from starting a whole revolution from their smartphones.

In this video (presented by Jeremy Sean A) called Kids Today vs 1980s Technology, we get to see this experiment and how it unfolds. What I find most interesting is how much technology has progressed in the last 20-30 years. Nowadays you can fit a super computer (which is what they are when compared to the processing power of computers back in 1980s) in your pocket and take 10,000 songs with you, which would take a truck to haul back in the day. Retro technology may be bulky and intrusive, but the fact still remains that when it comes to quality, the analog sound of a vinyl records still beats the digital compressed sound of mp3s and other compression formats.

We should all put our kids head-to-head with yesterday’s technology and see what their reactions are. We will most likely see something that more or less looks like a completely lost individual trying to use the gadgets and devices in very unusual ways. Even though yesterday’s technology is cool and all, we all have to admit that today’s technology is way more streamlined, optimized and suitable for pretty much every lifestyle.

Kids Today vs. 1980s Retro Technology

Kids 1980s Retro Technology

Kids 1980s Retro Technology

Kids 1980s Retro Technology